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Yes, I want my new Internet Business NOW !!!

Yes, I want my new Internet Business NOW !!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Setup my free BLOG!

The next way I've positioned myself on the Internet to earn autopilot income is to setup a BLOG. So today I'll walk you through the steps I've used so you can do it too...

The good news is that it's SUPER EASY and it's FREE!

The service I use to publish my blog is called Blogger.

As the site says: "It's easy, and it only takes a minute."

And I might add: "It can make you a lot of money too!" :-)

To get started now, click the "Create A Blog" button:

Next fill out the form to create your Google account and click the "Continue" button:

Now name your blog. This could be anything you want and you can change it anytime you want. You might start by naming it the same as your domain name:

Don't worry about the advanced options. Click "Continue".
On the next page you get to choose what you want your blog to look like. Scroll through the available templates and choose one that you like. You can always change this later. Once you select one, click the "Continue" button.

That's it... Your blog has been created!

Now click the "Start Blogging" button. This will take you to a page where you can add content to your blog:

As you can see, there is a field to enter a Title and a message Body to your blog. This can be anything you want!
To get things started, you might type something like: "Welcome to blog!" in the Title field.
Then move your cursor in the larger message body field by clicking inside it and type something like:
I've just launched my new blog! Stay tuned for the latest updates and information about starting a and succeeding with an Internet home business.
I learned how to launch by blog from How To Build My SFI Internet Business at:
Check it out!

Pieter Last
... or whatever YOU want to say! ;-)
Your first post could look something like this:

TIP: I make all the links in my blog post clickable and bold by using the buttons at the top of the blog post editor. If you highligh the text you want to be bold and click the little b button that will make your text bold. If you highlight the text you want to turn into a link and then click the button that looks like this:
When you highligh text and click that button, this little box will pop up:

Just type the site you want to link to in that box and click: "OK" and your text will now link to that site!
Once you are satisfied with your first blog post, simply click the "Publish Post" button to publish your first post.
Congratulations! Your blog post published successfully!

Click on the (in a new window) link to see your blog. As you can see, you can also "Edit post" which allows you to change your post if you want, or "Create a new post" which allows you to move on and make your next blog post.
Right now your blog is very basic looking. That will change. The most important thing is how you will USE your blog.
One of the things that your blog can do for you is enable you to get different pages of your site ranked in the search engines for a many different keyword search phrases.
Every time you make a post in your blog you are creating a brand new page on the Internet.
And every page on your website is like having fishing line in the water with bait on it ready to catch fish. Of course, with Internet marketing, fish are people (interested prospects).
Just continue following the steps in this guide and soon you'll have thousands of baited lines in the water that are positioned in front of people who will travel through your affiliate links and sign up for things that you're promoting.
For now, I strongly encourage you to add any articles you have to your blog because what your blog needs most right now is content. On the Internet, CONTENT IS KING and if you become a source of it you can get a lot of traffic.
Soon the search engines will find your blog and the more content you have in it, and the more often you add new content, the higher the search engines will rank you.
To make this as easy as possible for you, the How To Build My SFI Internet Business blog provides you with 4 new Private Label Rights articles every month that you can post to your blog.
This means you get 4 new professionally written articles EVERY MONTH that you can add to your blog.
For now, I simply encourage you to take 1 of the articles you get from the co-op and add it to your blog.
WARNING: Don't add them all at once because Google will view this as spamming. Just scan through your monthly articles, PICK ONE that you want to be added to your blog.
All you have to do to make this happen is contact Pieter Last at Give him your Blogger URL, so he can verify your blog and add you to the Blogger Co-op. If you want to know more about co-op, go to your TO-DO-LIST or click on your VP score in your SFI Home page. Now scroll down to find info about Co-op marketing.
Even if you are not a co-op member, you can add articles to your blog regularly by writing them yourself or going to sites like and and re-publishing other people's articles on your blog. As long as you include the author's contact information and link to their website, it's OK to do this. This is actually why people submit their articles to these sites because they want bloggers and ezine publishers to republish their article so they can get more traffic back to their website.
If you are a co-op member, here's the simple steps to add one of your articles to your blog:
Login to your Blogger account here.

Then click the "New Post" button.

Then take the article title and place it in the Title section of your Blogger new post input page and the article body in the large Body section of your Blogger new post input page.

Here's what mine looked like with an article called "Make Money Online by Harnessing Your Hobbies":

Once you've entered your article, click "Publish Post".
You just added your first article to your blog and you are now OFFICIALLY an information publisher! It's like being a newspaper or magazine publisher, but doing it online. :-)
You could even charge people to advertise on your blog, have guest columnists, etc... But for now let's stick to the basics and get your blog pulling in traffic and profits from the affiliate programs you already belong to.
You could add a 1 more of your articles to your blog that you get from the co-op but don't add more than this right away because it could be viewed as spamming by Google. Just review the list and pick one more article that you like and follow the steps above again. I also encourage you to do this every month with the new articles you get from the co-op. Pick 1 or 2 of your favorite articles each month to add to your blog. This will give you a constant stream of fresh original content for your blog and THAT'S what search engines are looking for.
TIP: For even better effect, I encourage you to change the title of the article you pull from the co-op and add a few words and sentences to the article here and there... In other words, customize it! By doing this, you'll make the article truly UNIQUE and when you have content on your blog that nobody else in the world has, you'll dramatically increase the probability of that blog post getting ranked HIGH in the search engines. :-)
Adding content to your blog regularly in this way will help you get listed in the search engines and pull in FREE traffic!
You're off to a great start, but there is still much to do...

Good luck

Pieter Last
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Welcome to How To Build My SFI Internet Business.

Use this short welcome when you setup your Blog. You can copy this welcome and just past it into jour first blogpost.

I've just launched my new blog! Stay tuned for the latest updates and information about starting a and succeeding with an SFI Internet home business.

I learned how to launch my blog from HOW TO BUILD MY SFI INTERNET BUSINESS Site training at: How To Build My SFI Internet Business

Check it out!

(Your Name )
Turn 5 Hours a Week Into $500 a Month Extra Income

In the future I will e-mail you articles that you need to post on your blog, so that we can get alot of backlinks o this blog. Remember from lesson #4 in your FREE 15 DAY SFI BUSINESS BUILD COURSE how backlinks help us. You should at least add one new post to your blog per week.

Remember to follow the rules in Lesson #4 and #5 for getting free entry to my BLOGGING Co-op for advertising. A man like a blog is not an ISLAND. Togetherness will give us power to have very successful internet businesses.